Thursday, May 14, 2009

The village Earth

If we could turn the population of the Earth into a small village community of 100 people, keeping roughly the same proportions we have today on our planet, it would be something like this.

Welcome to our Global Village, the village Earth. In our village there are 100 people.

51 people are women and 49 are men.

61 people are from Asia.

12 people are from Europe.

14 people are from Norht and South America.

There are 13 people from Africa.

13 people don't have enough to eat, or are actually dying from hunger.

More than 40 people in the village live without basic sanitation, and 16 people live without water that can be drunk.

Roughly 14 adults in the village can't read or write. Only seven have had a secondary school education.

Eight people have a computer and four are connected to the internet.

Eight people have a car and ten percent of the houses are powered by electricity. Some people keep their food in a refrigerator and their clothes in a wardrobe; they have a roof over their heads and they have a bed to sleep in. These people represent about 75 per cent of the entire population of the village.

Six people in our village own 59 per cent of the entire wealth of all the people in our community. Forty seven people live on two dollars or less a day.

25 people struggle to live on a dollar a day or less.

If you have a bank account, you're one of the 30 wealthiest people in the village.

Of all the money that the village spends every year: about 5.5 per cent is spent on weapons and war, roughly 3.4 per cent is spent on education and something like 2.6 per cent is spent on keeping people healthy.

Next year, there will be 105 people in the village.

Work with passion,

Love without needing to be loved,

Appreciate what you have,

And do your best for a better world.