Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still the cloning issue!

As I think that most people have lack of information about cloning I decided to be more informed.
So to write this text I opened my biology book, I searched in several sites and I will write here my opinion.
During my search I found out that there is cloning in nature since ever. Some plants reproduce through this process because they give origin to beings genetically equal to themselves.
Nowadays we can clone cells that can save the lives of people who need organs´ transplants that can be used to cure diseases like cancer and can help infertile couples to have babies.
The problem is that cloning an entire person isn´t right because society would discriminate the clone, thinking that he is just a copy without value, being called lives of second category.
I confess that it would be strange to me to live with a person who is a clone.
I agree with cells ´cloning but I disagree with the cloning of an entire human being not just because of the facts I referred but also because of the pain they may suffer.

Rita Moura
11ºB nº24