Monday, March 23, 2009

"Beauty" 2

Through the years, many people tried to find a definition to a very controversial subject: beauty. Its large concept depends on our familiar surroundings, this is, it depends on everything that is around us and that influences our way of thinking and our ideals. One day, Luís de Camões, the greatest portuguese poet, said that "Mudam-se os tempos, Mudam-se as vontades": this is real because, with the development of our society, the behaviour and the tastes of the new generations are changing and, with them, the definition of beauty is changing too. After this, we can say that our idea of what is beautiful or not is part of our culture and who we are. Nowadays, teens live a trivial and consumerist life, where fashion takes on large proportions, influencing these young generations. In fact, almost all teenagers don't want to be ridiculed by their friends. In spite of being an injustice, this is what happens all around the world.

Zé Rui nº13 9ºB

Monday, March 16, 2009

Addicted to new technologies...

We can no longer live without technology.

I speak for myself. I'm addicted to it. I got hooked! Now I can't live without my mobile phone, my computer, my mp3 player... There is no way I can live without the Internet... It is so useful: I pay my bills, I do research, I buy things, I read the news, I look for information, I watch videos and listen to music, I talk to my distant friends... How did I manage to live before all this technology that surrounds me now? I don't know the answer, but I'm sure about one thing: life nowadays is much more interesting than 15 years ago... I don't know if you agree with me...

What is your opinion?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Beauty" 1

In my opinion, the word "beauty" has a relative meaning. When we say that someone is beautiful, we can consider his/her look (outside beauty) or his/her personality (inner beauty). This meaning is different for each people. A person might think that somebody is beautiful and another one disagree with the first one.
This concept changes when we grow up. In our childhood, we consider that someone is beautiful when that person is nice and lovely. However, after this period of our life, beauty is to us what we see on TV, newspapers, magazines, films, etc. We are always comparing to the people we see in the mass media. Their look isn't real! All those pretty faces and perfect bodies are made to impress normal people and to make them buy what they want.
That's why teenagers try to copy celebrities. They want to be as much successful as they are. Teens are also trying to be seen and recognized as somebody important that everyone wants to be.
We should be what we really are. Even if we have some tastes that other people might think awkward, we should be true to ourselves. That is what defines our true beauty!

Ana Filipa Silva nº1 9ºB

Friday, March 06, 2009

Fashion, tattoos and piercings!

I know... Being a teenager is hard! You have so many problems to solve, so many inner-conflicts to analyse, so many options to make... I know!... And I also know that most teenagers care about the way they look. Fashion and style are important, being accepted and admired is essential when you are a teenager.
Am I right or wrong?
(Remember: I've already been a teenager myself!...)
How many times have you considered a radical change in your looks?
Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo or piercing?
What is your style?
Why is body image so important nowadays?