Sunday, March 03, 2013

Say NO to Racism (by Beatriz 10ºA)

This time, I decided to talk about a thing that I don't understand yet. I mean.. Racism. What is Racism? Why do people do those bad things? Well, I can't find an explanation or a reason to explain acts of racist people. So I tried to go to the beginning to figure it out. Let's see what I found.
We don't need to go back many years to find an example of racism or racial discrimination. I'm talking about Hitler. It was nothing more than pure racism. The idea that exists a master race that has the right to make the others do what they want, was kept in the mind of society for a few years.
But now it is different. In reality, not too much. Racism is still quite common. Most of us know a case of racism present in our life and even knowing that it is wrong, we don't accuse the situation because we are afraid.
At work, at school, in the streets, everywhere. People of another race are like enemies just because they are different. Even people of the same race are also discriminated against. It's so stupid. Nobody is perfect. We are all humans so we must accept everyone!
In fact, teenagers are not so racist as adults. Who doesn't have a black or any different friend? 
So, judging people by their look, sexual orientation, way of speaking or dressing, tastes, weight, whatever.. is also a way of discrimination. 
Well, with the Internet racism spreads across the digital world. In comments, photos, videos, racism is present too. 
The victims of racism suffer and the majority wants to stop living. But, Racism is a crime. We can change it. 
Now, I will give you a stupid example but it makes sense. It's an example of racism in a animal. Pandas.. I like pandas not because they are cute, but at the same time, they are anti-racism. They are black, white, and asian too. And everyone likes them just the way they are. We should do the same with people and accept differences. Let's stop hating and start loving. 
Another example: As you know, the President of the United States is black. So.. a black man in a White House! It sounds stupid. Even that, in America, racism is everywhere. You know that I am a white girl.. Yes, my skin colour is white.. And of course I'm being a racist now because I used the word "black" to talk about an individual. Nowadays, the skin colour is extremely important. But why? On the inside, we are all the same. And now I'll ask you.. (Paper) What is that? It's a piece of paper. But, what colour is that? It's white sure.. This is the same colour for you? Of course not.. "Colour", personally I don't like this word because people don't use it correctly. 
One day, in a video on Youtube, I saw a comment, which left me thinking seriously. It was made by a black man. Yes, I'm being a racist again, but the comment said: "God, forgive for not being able to say the word "black", because you're white, and we are different. I'm an actor, but the papers I can get are just thugs and bad boys, just because of the colour of my skin. Think in all the movies you watch now.. How many have black people with white people? We have no Titanic, Spider Man, Star Wars, Harry Potter... I think the majority of you couldn't even imagine a movie of all blacks. It's sad living in this world."
I agree with him. It's really sad. 
Racism... We see it everyday... We use it everyday...
But there is ONLY ONE RACE: and that is the HUMAN RACE.