Monday, December 13, 2010

How can students participate in the Comenius Project?

Our school  has been at the first teachers meeting of the Comenius Project in Munich on 1st, 2nd and 3rd  December. Many agreements came out of this meeting. The most important one has to do with the students' participation and involvement in the project. So, if you want to be into this the only thing you have to do is become a member of a school club. The clubs we have at school and which are involved in the project are: Eco Club - Clube Amigos do Verde (responsible teacher-Ana Maria Ferreira); Media Club - Clube de Jornalismo (teacher Conceição Brandão); Sports Club- Desporto Escolar (teachers João Andrade and Carla Lopes) and Maths Club - Matemática em Acção (Arminda Moreira). If you want to be one of the students to travel to another country with the Comenius Partnership, join one of these clubs and participate in the activities that the teachers may suggest you.

And have fun!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sick leave :)

I urgently needed a few days off work, but I knew the Boss would not allow me to take leave.
I thought that maybe if I acted 'Crazy' he would tell me to take a few days off.
So I hung upside-down on the ceiling and made funny noises
My co-worker (who's blond) asked me what I was doing.
I told her I was pretending to be a light bulb so the Boss might think I was 'Crazy' and give me a few days off.
A few minutes later the Boss came into the office and asked, 'What are you doing?'
I told him I was a light bulb.
He said, 'You are clearly stressed out.' Go home and recuperate for a couple of days.'
I jumped down and walked out of the office...
When my co-worker followed me, the Boss asked her, 'And where do you think you're going?!'
(You're gonna love this....)
She said, 'I'm going home, too. I can't work in the dark.'

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Comenius partnership!

The Escola Secundária de Lousada is participating in a Comenius partnership with seven European schools for two school years, starting in September 2010 and ending in July 2012. I hope you may get involved in the project as well! I will give you some clues about how you can do it soon! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

time to study, time to rest

For some of you these are hard times: EXAMS... Long hours reading and counting and memorising things...
GOOD LUCK for those...
For others... it's time to rest and relax and enjoy all the free time that school has left you... Recharge your batteries! You will need them in September! Until then... HAVE FUN!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter holidays...

I like holidays because I never do anything and it's great!
So, I can relax and forget classes. But, I don't like cleaning my house before Easter. It's so tiresome!
I enjoy waking up very late, eat lots of chocolate almonds and eggs and sponge cake with cheese, watching TV series like Supernatural, Veronica Mars and Simpsons all the afternoons, listening to lots of heavy metal music and receive presentes like money and almonds. I like having breakfast with my sister, calmly, what I can't do when I have to go to school because I don't have time.
During the holidays, I celebrated my birthday. That's a special day for all of us. I invited my grandparents and my cousins to have lunch at my house. But, I didn't like that day because I don't like parties and lots of people in my house. I know that's strange a teenager who doesn't like parties but that's who I am - different.
Carla nº5 9ºA

My Easter holidays were so cool. On the first week I went to London where I visited the Big Beng, several museums in London, I also visited the most famous café in London, and perhaps the world. I had lots of fun there. On the second week I was home taking care of my brothers and playing computer. I really enjoyed the holiday although I feel that  they lwere too short.
Flávio Pinto No. 13 9ºA


My Easter holidays were very entertaining.
I went with my family to enjoy a few days in the Algarve to enjoy the good weather.
I rested a lot, but I could have rested more, had fun and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.
I had time to think about what I can improve on this 3rd term. I was pleased with the final grades but I am able to get better.
Rafaela Vieira nº23 9ºD


I spent my Easter Holidays at home. I didn't have much to do so I basically read books, watched television and studied a little bit, although I should have studied more. I also helped my mom in her restaurant. I like dealing with new people everything that also helps me increasing my ability to talk with people. I also spent time with my friends. I watched documentaries on Discovery Channel and I found it a bit difficult because it didn't have subtitles, but I understood most of it. I also tried to read the original version of Hamlet, which was written by William Shakespeare, but it is very hard, I had to have a dicionatary with me every time I was reading it.
Sara Baptista nº27 9ºD


My Easter holidays were awesome! On the first week of Easter holidays I stayed at home relaxing. On the second week I went to South of Spain. It was very hot there and I went to the beach and I swam in the sea!I swam in the swimming pools of the hotel, too. And I met some cute boys there!The food of the hotel was great. The "crepes" are delicious! Every night, I walked on the beautiful streets of "Praia Balena", it was super. I loved my Easter holidays because I did some of my favourite things like relaxing and swimming in the sea.
Maria Francisca Mota n.º 20 9ºA


On my holidays, I was home most of the time. I watched TV, played computer games and playstation, I rode my bike, I visited my grandparents, I practiced gardening and lived with my family, friends and acquaintances. I do not like to sleep much, so every day I woke up early to enjoy the day in the morning. During these holidays I did some schoolwork, I studied a little and watched television a lot. During these holidays I ate a lot of almonds, chocolate eggs and tasted the sweets of my mother.
These holidays have been good because I took most of the day to rest and do what I like.
Carlos César/nº6/9ºD


My Easter holidays were very fun but short.
I did many different things these holidays, some are normal, like reading, watching television and playing computer games, but others that I rarely do, like walking on the beach, biking and rollerblading in Porto and going to the mall among others.
I met my goddaugther and my cousin, to help them with vacation homework, at the end we watched movies and enjoyed ourselves very much.
These were two weeks with lots of fun.
Francisca Ferreira n.º8/9ºD


I was already feeling the need of holidays after a difficult period with many tests and nothing better than some holidays to Switzerland, a good country, both with a beautiful scenery, the beautiful Alps, and something I also like: chocolate! My Easter was spent in family with my parents and an uncle living in Bex, Switzerland, Easter was a good week with many, chocolates, almonds and the most important thing :family!
Davide Ribeiro 9ªA Nº7


On my first week of Easter Holidays, I helped my mom with "easter cleaning". It feels so good being in bed a little bit longer more that the usual. The second week was to relax. I read a book of Patrick Suskind, which I loved, I listened to some music, played on my computer, saw some movies, and hanged out with my cousin that has the same age as me. We played football and some other sports, we also played cards.
I think that the holidays were good but really really small!
Now, I have to come back to my old routine and work hard to increase or just keep my grades!
Sofia Magalhães
On these holidays I didn´t do anything special, I just did the usual at home with my little brothers. When I´m at home I listen to music, I watch TV, I clean my house and, of course, I play with my sister and brothers.
Even staying at home I had a good time, because the weather was hot and I love the sun, because when it is sunny I can relax.
On Easter day I had a good time too because I was with my family.
I spent my Easter holidays at home but I still had a great time.
Diana Mota


On these Easter holidays I didn´t travel, but they were still fun.
On the first week of my holidays I helped my mother cleaning our house. And on the second week  it was really cool, too.
On that second week my parents were at home and I did lots of things with them, I worked in the garden, and I bought a cat.
On the last days of the holidays I studied and I played with my brand new cat! These Easter holidays were simple, but fun.
Patricia 9ºA Nº21


On my Easter Holidays,I have been in my grandfather's home.
On these two weeks of Easter, I have studied, I have done the homework, I have ridden my bicycle with my friends and I have played computer.
On the Easter day, in the morning, I woke up and got up early and I have kissed the cross of Jesus.
In the afternnon I had lunch in my grandfather´s home and I socialized with my family.
I liked my Easter holidays, because they have been fun and I have eaten amny chocolates and almonds...
José Carlos Cunha nº11 9ºD


My Easter Holidays were good but I´d like to have done more things. The holidays are always good because we rest, sleep much, we're with friends and the best is that we do not have classes.  My Easter vacations were spent almost every day with my friends, we had fun too, played football, played playstation and played snooker. When I was alone at home I usually watched television or played computer games and watched videos on the Internet.
Easter Day was good but I had to get up very early and it was hard because I like sleeingp, but then I got  up and it was a really fun day as I spent it with my family which is very fun.
Bruno Ismael Nº3/9ºA

My Easter holidays were good, because I could relax during the 2nd term. Right at the beginning of the vacation I went to a camp of scouts. It was great fun although it was very tiring. During the week after Easter everything went smoothly: I played computer, watched television and worked in my real farm. Unable to forget the religious aspect, I could help in the celebrations of Easter and even on Easter day I went with the "compasso". So after a good vacation, I am ready to return to school to finish 9th grade.
Pedro Amaral, 9ºD

My Easter holidays were normal, there was nothing special.
On the first week, I slept even more than usual, I was with some friends, lots of times we talked on the phone, etc..
On the second week, I went riding a horse every day, I love horses, and it is there that I feel good.
On Easter Sunday I was with my family and some friends whom I hadn't seen for a long time.
And so tese were my holidays and my Easter.
Ana Sousa nº2, 9ºD


Easter Holidays arrived and it was great. I was so tired of school, that they had come exactly in time.
On the first week I went to Torres Vedras for a national championship of chess, where my cousin participated.
Later I almost always stayed at home, because the weather did not help. Anyway, I had fun and I spent some days in Aveiro.
On the second week, I went to Vila Praia de Ancora. In the end of the vacations I did the homewok and unfortunately the holidays were over.
They were good and I had time to rest and to study English.
José Luís Bessa, 9ºA


I’ve always been fascinated by Canada and its nature: big rivers, green valleys, great lakes, and so on. But I never actually saw anything about the towns, the architecture, etc.
Two weeks ago, on Easter holidays I went to Canada to visit in particular the region of Quebec and its homonymous town.
First of all it’s a very populated town, the second largest one after Montreal. Then, I discovered the Château Frontenac, a historic hotel which dominates the city skyline and it’s really a wonderful piece of architecture!
Also, I didn’t really know that the Montmorency Falls are actually about 30m higher than the most famous Niagara Falls! They’re located very close to Quebec City itself. That is a marvelous place to visit. My holidays were marvellous.
Pedro Diogo Claro Moreira, nº 24 9º A


My Easter holidays were good. On the first week I rested and relaxed at home, forgetting the school, tests and timetables. On Easter Sunday, I was with my family and I ate the usual confectionery. The second week after Easter was like the first, but this week I spent more time with my parents than the first because they had worked the previous week. So I started to prepare my return to school and I also saw my grades from the previous term. My Easter holidays were not very interesting, but they were good to relax and forget about school. But I hated the holidays because they were too small ...

Pedro Silva, 9ºA

These Easter holidays were great, I was in a campsite where I go every year. There I played football as well as PC.
What I liked most was being with my friends, with whom I had not been since summer and I had a lot of fun with them.
On the days I was home I slept late, for the academic year is very tiring.
The holiday was good until Monday came and I had to go to school and everything ended.
Eduardo, 9ºD

On these Easter holidays I didn´t travel, but they were still fun.
On the first week of my holidays I helped my mother cleaning our house. And the second week it wasn´t really cool, either.
On the second week my parents were at home and I did lots of things with them, I worked in the garden, and I bought a cat.
On the last days of the holidays I studied and I played with my brand new cat! These Easter holidays were simple, but a little funny.
Patricia 9ºA Nº21


My Easter holidays were fun, although the weather onthe first 2 weeks  was not the best, but they were not spoiled, because holidays are holidays . What I liked most about these holidays was being with my friends and going to the Algarve with my brother.
The afternoons were excellent, all together, telling those stories without fun, but we do laugh anyway, our snacks, the walks, those calls, those smiles were few but excellent days.
Basically these were my Easter holidays.
Now until now I miss sleeping late and waking up late, those afternoons, being relaxed and not having to worry about tests and lessons: D.
They were my holidays.
Beatriz Pacheco  Nº5 / 9ºD

My holidays were very good. For me the holidays are always good, however, and I took many photos. I went to visit some freinds with whom I haven't been for a long time.It was so fun that I liked to take more holidays.
On the first week I did not like my free time, because of all the cleaning work that we had to do on this occasion. But the second week after Easter was better because it was more like a walk with my best friend, with whom I  rarely am with, it was a catch up. We went to the park and had great fun.
I really enjoyed these holidays in 2010.
Cristiana Alves 9ºA nº6


Hy, my name is Ricardo Campos and I am fourteen years old. I am a student and as all students of the world I am “blessed” with holidays.
During my Easter holidays I had time to do many things. I always thought that the main pleasure of our holidays is the time to rest and relax. But now I think that we can do a lot of many things during this time.
On  the first week I was always playing with my cousins Miguel and Beatriz. We played PlayStation, we played football and sometimes a little of basketball just because Beatriz is now a basketball player. I really like to be with them because we really have  fun. Sometimes, during holidays, we went to the shopping with my aunt and while she was shopping we went to the cinema. In the end it was still time to taste an ice cream.
I must confess that I spent almost all of my days with my cousins. I remember that I went to my godmother house in Oporto, and they went with me. It was great. We walked around there and we went to the cinema one more time. We watched "Como treinar um dragão".This film was not only fun but also amazing because it was a 3D technology. In my godmother`s house we were always playing or doing something fun. I really have to go there. I think that we spent two or three days there and it was amazing. But then I had to come back home because of Easter Sunday.
Usually at my grandmother´s house we receive a lot of people. A lot of people of my family come there and I must confess that sometimes I do not recognize some of them. They are so many...
so on that day we talk to each other and wait for Jesus Christ´s visit. When he arrives we kiss him and pray a little. After that we have a big meal outside the house, in the terrace. This year the meal took place in the kitchen because it seemed that it was going to rain.
In spite of the rain it was funny and comfortable.
I used the last days of my holidays to relax and to rest.
Ricardo Campos Nº24 9ºD


Friday, April 16, 2010

In LOnDoN!

I really liked the trip to London. I think that it was a different trip because in spite of going to new and amazing places, we were with our friends. London left us good memories from the first to the last day. Being in several important and worldwide known places was very rewarding and I think most people felt small in the middle of it all.
I really liked the show “we will rock you”. It was the most beautiful musical I’ve ever seen! I think everyone should have the chance to see it because it’s really amazing! The dancing was well coordinated, there were excellent singers, it had live music and especially the songs of Queen make the show something very big.
Another thing that I liked too was going to the Hard Rock store. I think it is wonderful. It is really the world of music where there are the instruments of fantastic musicians from all over the world.

Ânia Coelho nº2, 9ºA

On these Easter holidays I had lots of fun and I did lots of different things. On the first week I went to the Algarve and I went to the beach,enjoying the sun because the weather was quiete nice. I also relaxed a lot and went out with my family.We had a great time together.

On thursday before Easter I came back to Lousada to do some shopping.
Then,I helped my mother doing some traditional Easter cakes and I spent the Easter Sunday at my grandmothers' with all my family.
On the second week I went on a School Trip to London. We went on Wednesday and travelled by plane. It was just amazing!
I visited lots of huge historical monuments like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Art Gallery,Trafalgar square, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud's, London Eye and many others.
I saw lots of famous actors( in wax) and I had lots of fun taking pictures with all of them, at Madame Tussaud's.
I also visited the Science and History Museum and I saw a musical at the Queen's Theatre "We Will Rock You"- this was what struck me the most- I loved it!
I went to a lot of pubs with my friends and we tried some typical food but I didn't enjoy it very much. I liked Oxford Street where I did some shopping and brought some souvenirs. I had never gone but to London before, but I always had a lot of curiosity about this. I also liked to stay together with my friends and teachers at the Hotel.

In my view London is a different city, where I learnt a bit more about the English culture, and I found  it very interesting.
I loved London and my Easter holidays! :-)

Laura 9ºD

My Easter Holidays were very special, but too short- only two weeks.
On the first week I was very anxious and always busy with the arrangements for the trip that the school would make. We travelled sixty students and three teachers to London.We did a wonderful five day journey. We arrived to London on the 7th of a April and we came back to Portugal on the 12th.
The five days that we spent there were simply marvellous and unforgettable.
We visited some of the most beautiful monuments and museums of the world, like Madame Tussaud´s that is the most famous wax museum of the world ,The Natural History Museum where all the things inside seem real ..We also ride the London Eye and visited The Tower Bridge that was amazing .One of the nights we went to see a musical and I loved the songs, the performers, the dances and the scenery.
The worst part of this trip was the fact that we had to get up early every single day.
The breakfast was at 8´o ´clock and our task to be ready at that hour was impossible, because we spent our nights walking from room to room making enormous noise, but we always had the teachers chasing us.
To go to the places that we had to visit we travelled by subway, that is awesome. There are people always entering and leaving the subway .We loved to watch the people that were on the subway, their behaviour, the hurry, the air of ,the worries of the people ,the stress that could be seen on the carriage .
I loved this trip. I loved my fellow-travellers .I loved the social contact .I loved everything that I visited. I loved every moment and everything in this trip, but what I loved most were the Londoners, everyone with his proper style without any concerns with what the other people could think.
Luisa Sofia nº 16 9º D


I spent my first week of Easter holidays with my parents and my friends in Vizela. There, we did some sports and we were together almost the whole week.
In the second week it was cooler. I went to London and we saw many icons of this country, we spent big and funny nights and we did lots of cool stuff. We went to the London Eye, the museum of Natural History, to the British Museum but my favourite place was the Hard Rock store because I love rock n' roll! I saw the guitars of many famous guitar players and I bought a t-shirt there!
My holidays were very nice and I loved the trip to London!
Paulo Ferreira 9ºA

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It was only a matter of time, by Cláudia Leite

It was only a matter of time. She knew that. She felt it deep inside of her. Though she didn’t want to leave, she wasn’t afraid. She sat down on her bed, closed her eyes and began to remember.
They were friends for a long time. She couldn’t remember one single fight they had. Everybody wanted a friendship like that one but when they were told about this, they just smiled. They were always together; they didn’t keep secrets from each other and, sometimes, it was just too perfect to believe that was true.
One day, they went to the cinema together and, at the end of the film, they decided to go for a walk. They were talking about the movie they have just seen and they started to talk about the moment they met. Years have passed since that day but it seemed like it was yesterday.
- You’ve changed my life and I love you. – she suddenly said.
He stopped walking and gazed into her eyes. – You love me?! Uau…
- You look surprised. – she looked down to the floor.
- Yeah. More than a lot.
- I had no idea. I thought I was just another one.
- No, you’re not. You know you aren’t.
- Why?
- Because you’ve changed my life. And a person who does that can’t be just another one. You aren’t just another one. Did you understand?
- Yes, I did. But I changed your life in the past, when we met. Now I do nothing.
- You mean a lot to me. – she started to be nervous with him. They sat on a park bench. – I still love you. You’ll be always in my heart. No matter if you want to or not. I can’t take you away from there.
- I know. And you represent exactly the same to me. But it was some years ago. Now I’m nothing. I belong to your past.
She started losing her patience. – So, following that kind of thoughts, I’m nothing for you too. Am I right?
- No, you’re wrong. I’m different than everybody. I live in the past.
- So do I. You mean a lot to me. Believe it.
He kissed her cheek. – You’re so cute.
- See what you made me to say. I hate saying this kind of stupid things.
- Oh, don’t say that. The world is starting to miss good feelings and people like you.
She blushed a little. – Don’t say that. I’m like the others. I’m just another one walking on this world. And when I leave it no one will remember me. I’m just another one that spent a few years walking on this earth.
- If no one remembers you after your death that’s because I’m already dead. But I will expect you on heaven’s door.
- Don’t forget what you’re saying because I won’t. And if I’ll go first I will be there waiting for you.
- I hope you keep your promise. One of my qualities is having good memory.
- And if you go to hell, I’ll go with you. Because since you were there, every single place becomes perfect.
- God. Now I don’t know what to say. Thank you.
- No, don’t say that. Say anything but that. You can’t thank me for being honest. But it’s true. You’re really important to me, more than I could ever think or want to. – she had tears in her eyes. She meant every single word she said.
- I’m completely lost by now. All I have to say is thank you. You left me with no words.
She remembered that talk so clearly. It showed how strong their friendship was. She didn’t want him to suffer but she couldn’t do anything to avoid what was about to happen.
She still was in her bed, with her eyes closed and grabbed her mobile phone. She only had time to text something before her last sigh. She left so quietly that no one realized what had happened. Somehow, she already knew that was going to happen.
On that moment, he was on his bedroom, playing computer games. He heard his phone ringing, announcing a text message. He didn’t want to stop what he was doing but after a few seconds he read the message. It was short but left him dead inside:

“I’ll be waiting for you. Never forget me. Love you.”

This message was enough. Deep inside, he knew what happened. It all made sense on his head. Like her, he remembered the talk they had had on that park bench. And he didn’t have to wait a lot to have the confirmation. His phone was ringing again. It was her mother.
- Hi. Listen, I don’t have good news for you… - she seemed to be a little bit confused, as if she didn’t know what to say.
- I already know what happened.
- How? – she seemed surprised. – I mean, how do you know if I and her father are the only ones who do?
- I just did. I felt it. She sent me a text message saying goodbye.
- A typical attitude from her. Well, come here when you can.
- I will. Bye.
- Bye.
He hung up. How could the world be so unfair? She didn’t deserve that and now he was alone. What was he going to do now? He lost his friend, his partner, his everything… And he could never get her back. He grabbed his coat and left home. He wanted to be alone and went straight to the bench where they had had that talk. If the stories his grandmother told them about the ghosts coming back to watch out the ones they cared the most were true, so she could only be there. He laid down on the bench, looked at the sky and even without realizing it he was talking, he said, like he was answering to the message she had sent him:
- Wait for me, sweetie, I’ll soon be there with you. You’ll always be in my heart and I will never, ever, forget you. And love you too, with every single cell in my body.
He stopped talking and closed his eyes. The tears flowed freely on his face.

Cláudia Leite 11ºB

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

London... Here we go!

This is one of the sights that we are going to be able to see from 7th to 11th April! 60 students and 5 teachers from Escola Secundária de Lousada are going to visit London these Easter holidays! I am going to post some pictures when we come back! London, get ready... here we go!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mark Gungor - Men's Brain Women's Brain

The hilarious standup about the differences between men's brain and women's brain. A good topic for debate in class!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Just thinking about the future, by Cláudia Leite 11ºB

My English lesson made me think. We were talking about career choices and I realized that I don’t know what I want to be. Well, I’m sure I don’t want to be a doctor or an engineer or a nurse, but I don’t have any idea of what I want to become in the near future. Actually, I don’t even want to go to the university. I don’t see myself within two or three years with lots of heavy books under my arm, walking on the campus of some university in some part of the country. And believe me, I should be worried about this issue because heavy books are what I love the most and lots of them is even better. But I’m not excited; it doesn’t make me feel good or anxious. Only makes me feel bad, sad and I start losing my hope. Please, don’t ask me why because I don’t know the answer for that question. The only thing I know is “I want to give up”.
My English teacher said, today: “Cláudia, if YOU want to give up, what would your friends do?” Here is my answer: “I know, teacher, the skills I have, I know my grades, but they are falling down. And that’s what I want to do. Just quit.”
Portugal should have a “gap year”. That would be really good. I know what I would do in that case. I would go to England work as a babysitter, for example, and think about my future. When I came back, I would decide what I would do. I think that would help me.
I can’t stay on this situation. I have to start thinking about my future. I just have one more year to think and a year goes so fast.
Though I am so undecided, I have a few ideas. Like I said before, medicine and engineering is out of the question. And with my recent experience on lectures, which I loved, I was wondering if I could do something where I interact with people. But I think I’m not on the right area. I should go to human sciences. But I’m not going back now. It’s a little bit too late. Probably later I can be back.
I don’t know what to do. I am so confused and the idea of giving up still appears like the light at the end of the tunnel, the huge and dark tunnel which is my life. And though I know that giving up is the best solution, I know it’s the worst, it is so seductive…

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010


What is compulsive shopping?

Compulsive shoppers, or shopaholics, have in recent years been spotlighted on television programs and women’s magazines. They have become topics of conversation in the realm of pop psychology. While the media sometimes uses the term loosely or in an off-handed manner, a true compulsive shopper suffers from a very real, and sometimes very frightening, lack of self-control.

Without a doubt, we live in a very “spend-happy” society. As a whole, we are living above our means and many of us are drowning in debt. Many people, no matter their level of income, view shopping as a hobby. They take weekend-long shopping excursions, spend money they do not have, and often regret their purchases the next day. Does this mean that they have a problem? Not necessarily.

A true shopaholic shops out of compulsion. They will make purchases long after they are over their heads in debt. They shop when they are feeling emotionally distressed, and use spending as a coping mechanism. They do not shop because they merely enjoy it, or because they are purchasing things that they have a need for. They buy things because they feel they HAVE to. A shopaholic is out of control.

Read more here and do the Quiz to find out if you are a SHOPAHOLIC!